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I mostly like to overwinter my hives in 5 frame nucs or single deep brood boxes. It’s just easier to handle from all angles, especially during my inspections.
Anyways, I have one strong backyard hive in a double deep that I decided to inspect yesterday (temps in the low 70s here in jax) and results were unexpected to say the least.... at least 12 full frames of brood and drone comb on EVERY ONE.... it’s January 2nd... this is not your typical issue covered in ‘beekeepers basics’ haha.  

here’s the issue: if I leave the hive alone I am risking a swarm before the end of the month.  If I split this hive I am rolling the dice that temps will remain amicable and not kill my splits...

Here is what my plan is:

I will split and graft during the last week in January to minimize my weather risk and move each split to my out yard in Middleburg (52 miles west).  This will ensure I won’t lose any bees from my splits to the mother hive.  Wish me luck! 


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