East Coast Bees is proud to offer our hive management services to Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia.  


What is it?

-Our hive management services are a great way to introduce yourself to a life with bees.  We take the hard work out of beekeeping while providing all the sweet benefits associated with living with bees. 

How does it work?

- Renting a hive from us allows our customers to experience beekeeping on a level they are comfortable with.  We simply load up and deliver a healthy beehive to a location of your choice.  A member of our team will then inspect and manage the hive so you don't have to!   

What are the benefits of this service?

- Once the hive(s) have been delivered, we handle all tasks associated with hive management, including but not limited to: hive registration, bi-weekly inspections, treatments, as well as honey harvesting.  We guarantee you a healthy hive and all the honey collected by your bees during the length of the contract. 

How long is a rental?

-We offer monthly and annual contracts.

How much does it cost?

-$100 per month or $999 annually

How do I participate?

-Please reach out to us via the 'Service Requests' tab and tell us what you are looking for.  Every rental is unique so dont hessitate to send your questions our way.