Do you and your business support our pollinators?  If so we encourage you to participate in on our 'Businesses for Bees' campaign.  Not only will you be helping raise awareness for honey bees, but your efforts will celebrated through multiple social media platforms.

Here is how it works: 


A member of  will have anempty beehive delivered to your place of business along with a pack of assorted colored sharpies.  Our goal is to have the hives decorated with your logo and or decorations of your choice.  There are no restrictions to what or how you decorate the beehive, we simply ask you leave the inside of the box unpainted so we can use the hive as a new home for our honey bees.

What you get in return:


In addition to the warm fuzzy feeling you get from supporting your local beekeeper, you will be bringing awareness to the declining honeybee population around the world.  In exchange for your efforts we will proudly provide free advertising via Instagram + other social media outlets.  After all, who doesn’t love a local business willing to support such an important cause? 😊   If interested please reach out to us via the 'Service Request' tab on the main menu.